Together we are #SummittStrong!

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Message from the Principal

Welcome Summitt Eagle Familes and Scholars to our campus website!

My name is Ms. Greco and I am the very proud principal of Summitt Elementary. I could not be more honored and excited to announce myself as the new Principal of Summitt Elementary School and an official member of the Eagle family. Summitt has quickly become my second home and holds a special place in my heart that brings me connection and purpose. I strongly value building close relationships and investing in an inclusive learning community where our Eagles feel confident, capable and connected. It is my belief that every student deserves to have an equitable education where he or she feels safe to take risks, learn from their mistakes, and discover their true capabilities. I appreciate and value the diversity of our students, families, and staff here at Summitt. I am incredibly proud to serve as the leader of a campus that highlights the personal, cultural and educational differences that each Eagle has. Providing learning opportunities and safe, welcoming spaces that reflect the needs of our students is essential to supporting and teaching the whole child. Serving in a community that celebrates different cultures, languages, traditions and experiences that are rooted in Summitt makes our campus a special and unique place to learn and grow. I am deeply invested in leading our community towards excellence. Leading courageously and compassionately during this time has been at the forefront. I am honored to be welcomed into this community and take great pride in partnering with each and every one of you in leading Summitt towards continued success! We are and will continue to be Summitt Strong! 

Summitt Eagles

At Summitt Elementary our mission is to create a diverse, equitable, inclusive and supportive learning community where everyone can SOAR TO EXCELLENCE!

Our Vision:  Proudly preparing Summitt Eagles to be life-long learners who will make the world a better place.

School Song:

Summitt Eagles soaring, soaring to excellence,

Summitt Eagles soaring, good in all we do...

All of us together, cheerful, brave and true...

Here's to the blue, here's to the white,

Here's to ex-cel-lence!

Summitt Motto: 

Together we are #SummittStrong!

Summitt Houses

House of Kindness

House of Courage

House of Collaboratation

House of Innovation

House of Tenacity 

Summitt Pledge

"I am a Summitt Eagle. I am kind. I am courageous. I am collaborative. I am innovative. I am tenacious. I am Summitt strong!"