Summit House System

Summitt Houses were created for all students and staff to feel a sense of connection, collaboration and care. 


At Summitt Elementary we have five houses. All students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade, are vertically assigned to a house at the beginning of the school year. Each school year begins with students learning the qualities and characteristics of each house’s trait which then leads to a school wide house reveal. 


Each Tuesday students participate in a House Meeting with their fellow house members. Students get to collaborate by participating in various activities and energizers. Students recite their motto and build connections during this time. Your child is encouraged to wear their house color on Tuesdays. 


A house system helps to build a caring, supportive environment. Each student will be a valued member of a smaller group within the whole school. The purpose is to create an enjoyable atmosphere in which deep learning and effective teaching can flourish … a school with rigor and relevance.

The Summitt House System allows for:

  • Inclusive community of staff and students
  • Buddy class pairings
  • Reading buddies
  • Multi age grouping opportunities 
  • Vertical teaming and alignment
  • Student leadership/ownership

Our Summitt Houses: 

  • The House of Kindness (red, heart)
  • The House of Courageous (gold, lion)
  • The House of Collaboration (blue, wolf)
  • The House of Innovation (purple, racoon)
  • The House of Tenacity (green, turtle)